Show Rules

Here are the rules of the Aldborough and Boroughbridge Agricultural Show.

  1. The Show shall be called the Aldborough and Boroughbridge Agricultural Show.
  2. The Show is held for display and competition in various classes of agriculture, handicrafts, baking, fruit preserving, horticulture, etc., and is concerned with promoting the breeding of good stock, the improvement of agriculture and horticulture in the Aldborough and Boroughbridge area.
  3. The Show’s officers comprise a President, Vice Presidents, Committee, Secretary and Treasurer,are appointed at the Annual General Meeting and whose names will be shown in the minutes and reproduced in the Annual Schedule and Show Catalogue.
  4. The Committee has power to appoint any sub-committee it deems necessary, to fill any vacancy that may arise on the Committee and to co-opt additional members of the. It also has power to amend these Rules except in so far as any such alteration alters the purpose set out in Rule 2.
  5. The Committee has the entire management of the Show. The quorum for a Committee meeting is five.
  6. Objections may be referred to the Committee whose decision is final. The objection must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the class finishing, accompanied by a fee of £10. This fee will be forfeited to the funds of the Show in the event of the objection being overruled.
  7. Members of the public, including competitors and exhibitors, are admitted to the Show at their own risk and while every endeavour is taken to ensure their safety, the Committee will not (save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Committee, its servants or agents) be responsible for personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss or damage to property and any other loss, damage, costs and expenses however caused.
  8. The Committee may, at its discretion, refuse to accept any entry. Furthermore, the Committee or its agents may refuse entry on the day of the Show and to eject any competitors, exhibitors or mem bers of the public whom it considers to be objectionable.
  9. The Committee may alter the judging arrangements of events as they consider necessary.
  10. The Committee will not be responsible for any losses, mistakes or accidents that may occur to any entry and all entries are accepted on that condition.
  11. The Committee may add to the number of prizes in any class and withhold prizes in any class where it considers the number of entries insufficient at it discretion. Only first prize money will be given in the equine classes if there are less than four Rosettes will be given to the 1st- 6th places in the equine classes.
  12. The Committee may require exhibitors or competitors winning trophies to present themselves for presentation of the trophies at the President’s marquee. Trophies are held for one year only and must be signed for in the Secretary's tent after presentation, they remain the property of the Show. The winner is responsible for any engraving. It remains the responsibility of the trophy winners to return the trophies to the show committee in good time for the following show. A reminder will be sent.
  13. In the event of unfavourable weather, the Committee may postpone or cancel the Show without being responsible for any expense incurred by any competitor or exhibitor.
  14. In the event of the Show being wound up, any remaining assets will be applied by the Committee for charitable purposes.
  15. Ridden horses must be four years old or over.
  16. Anyone riding a horse or pony must wear protective headgear according to the current British Standards.

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